Classic Childhood is the online GO TO store for European style fashion for children in the U.S. Our core mission is to be a sustainable company and contribute to the environment and to our community by repurposing scrap fabric and turning it into baby accessories, and empowering women who are struggling either socially or financially by giving them a flexible job in our production team.

At Classic Childhood we are fully aware of the fabric waste coming from the so called “fast fashion” industry, so we are committed to creating high quality garments that last longer, as well as programs that help reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

Shirt to romper recycling graphic

Heirloom Collection

Classic Childhood rescues gently used men's shirts and turns them into their signature bubble rompers, so that these shirts are passed down to future generations. We have partnered with our community of neighbors in Austin, as well as with local textile recycler Josco Products, to rescue as many men's dress shirts as we can before they end up in the landfill. Also, every time a customer purchases one of our Heirloom Collection rompers, 5% will go to a charity that cares about children wellness and/or environmental causes.

Scrap Fabric

Another program we have started in order to prevent textile waste is to recycle scrap fabric. That's why we have partnered with local manufacturer Stitch Texas and we are going to soon launch our Accessories line entirely made from scrap fabric. Stay tuned!

Our Founder

Pamela Torres Founder Classic Childhood

Pamela Torres, Founder CEO

Hello meet me!... About a year ago, I became a mom of a beautiful boy and he basically changed my life.  I found out that racks at stores are full of cute outfits for girls but limited options for boys, and the few high quality and dressy options out there are expensive. Also, I noticed that the more affordable options would last just weeks, so not precisely environmentally friendly. So I started sewing these classic vintage looks for him and it turned out quite well. I started getting positive feedback from people around me, so I decided to turn this passion of mine into a business. As a designer my main goal is to make your baby be the cutest wherever you go! 

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